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Teen Boot Camp Policies

Important Forms and Schedule

A completed SIO2 Youth Intake and Permission Form is required for all Teen Boot Camp students prior to their first day of camp. This is sent with confirmation of enrollment and can be accessed by the above link.
Teen Boot Camp is for students ages 12 – 18.

Weekly Schedule

  • Monday – Thursday: 9:00AM – 4:00PM
  • Friday: 9:00AM – 3:00PM
  • Friday 3:00 – 3:30PM: Student Artwork Showcase

General Information

Clothing and Footwear Requirements
During camp at Pittsburgh Glass Center, students will be exposed to high-heat studio environments and will be working with both hot molten glass out of the furnace and over table top torches and learning to cut glass in its hard cold state. As such, it is imperative that students are dressed appropriately for their safety and the safety of others.

We suggest:

Comfortable, natural fiber clothing. Natural fibers are necessary because synthetic fibers (such as spandex or polyester) can be highly flammable and are prone to melting when encountering the very high temperatures of hot glass, furnaces, tabletop torches, and kilns. Jeans and t-shirts are great.
Anything that hangs away from the body like long necklaces, scarves, ties, or oversized cardigans, etc. should be left at home or removed before class.

Clothing that covers the abdomen and thighs. Shorts are discouraged or should be at least knee-length.
Flat and closed-toe shoes. Students are not permitted to wear flip flops, sandals, open-back shoes or crocs.
Name tags provided by Pittsburgh Glass Center.
Students without the proper and safe clothing and footwear will NOT be able to participate in class.

Behavior Expectations
Students are expected to conduct themselves in ways that demonstrate respect for themselves, other students, instructors, and other PGC staff, studio spaces, and all materials at all times.

PGC does not tolerate disrespectful behavior or violence of any kind, or endangering the health and safety of other students or staff.

Pittsburgh Glass Center strives to provide a friendly and accommodating class experience for everyone.

Parent/Guardian understands that any young artist whose behavior, actions, or attitudes negatively impact the experience of fellow classmates as observed by staff or instructors will be handled as follows:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Young artist will be sent home for the remainder of the day.
  3. Student will forfeit the remainder of the class and all associated fees.
    We reserve the right to remove students from the program without a refund if they do not adhere to behavior expectations.

Lunch and Breaks
Students receive a 30-minute lunch break. Students are required to bring a packed lunch each day.

We highly encourage students to bring a refillable water bottle to remain hydrated. A refillable bottle water fountain is available on site.

Cell Phones
To help foster a safe, collaborative, and respectful environment, we strongly discourage students from using their phones or other devices during class times. Students are allowed to bring their cell phones to Pittsburgh Glass Center to be used during their breaks. If a phone becomes a large distraction or safety concern, staff may confiscate the device for the remainder of the class.

Arrival/Sign-In and Dismissal/Sign-Out
Class starts at 9:00am each day. We encourage students to arrive about 10 minutes before the start of class. Guardians and approved students will need to sign into camp at the beginning of each day.

Students are not permitted to leave PGC property during the length of the program without prior approval and communication from guardians with PGC staff.

Class ends at 4:00pm Monday – Thursday and at 3:00pm on Friday. Guardians and approved students will need to sign out of camp at the end of the day. Guardians can approve students to sign themselves in and out on their intake form.

Pittsburgh Glass Center has a small free on-site parking lot at 5472 Penn Avenue. Additional on-street parking is also available on surrounding streets. A wheelchair-accessible spot is located near the building’s Penn Avenue entrance.

Pittsburgh Glass Center is committed to providing an environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all patrons. If an accommodation can help your teen fully participate in our programs, please contact Kate Duncan.

Friday Showcase and Artwork Pickup
Due to the nature of glass, students will not be able to take items and artwork home at the end of each day. Hot glass must cool slowly over time to prevent stress that will cause it to break.

We look forward to highlighting the hard work and creativity students put in all week by hosting a showcase of their artwork and projects created from Monday – Thursday on Friday at 3:00PM. Students will be able to take this work home on Friday after 3:00PM.

Artwork or projects made on Friday may not be ready to take home after the showcase. These items will be available for pick up at the front desk on the following Wednesday after camp.

Please email us or call our front desk at 412-365-2145 with any questions.