Private Lessons

private lessons

One-on-one lessons involve private, customized instruction in any aspect of studio glass art within any of our four studios. You receive focused attention from our experienced instructors and learn at your own pace. Beginners benefit by learning basic glassmaking techniques and build a strong foundation for working with glass. Experienced artists can expand their skill set by focusing on specific techniques of their choosing. You design the program with your instructor to fit your glassmaking goals.

Private lessons are available for 1 – 2 people Tuesday – Friday.

You must be at least 14 years old to schedule a private lesson.

Fill out this private lesson form below and we’ll contact you to schedule your lesson. 



Glassblowing (4, 2-hour sessions)

$600/one person ($300 each additional person)

Glassblowing is a team activity that takes practice to master. It’s important to build a solid foundation of basic skills before you begin to blow glass especially during this time of social distancing. In this 8-hour hands-on private lesson, you’ll learn to use various tools to gather and manipulate molten glass to make various shapes. Once you are confident with those skills, you’ll move on to using a blowpipe and blowing glass to make a bubble. Then you’ll learn to create shapes like ornaments and cups or bowls. 

hot glass sculpting (2-hour Session)

$175/one person ($80 each additional hour)
$265/two people ($125 each additional hour)

Hot glass sculpting is a great way to get started and learn the basics of manipulating molten glass. You’ll learn to use gravity and heat to create various solid shapes. 

Flameworking (2-hour Session)

$150/one person ($60 each additional hour)
$230/two people ($100 each additional hour)

Learn to melt glass rods of Borosilicate (hard glass comprised of silica and boric oxide) using a tabletop stationary torch and make marbles, beads, pendants, magnets, and small-scale sculptures.

Fusing + stained glass + Kilncasting (2-hour Session)

$160/one person ($80 each additional hour)
$250/two people ($125 each additional hour)

The kiln shop is a flexible space for learning stained glass, mosaics, casting, fusing, and slumping. Private lessons focus on the specific technique that interests you. Learn to work with flat glass, glass granules called “frit,” and glass enamels to create two-dimensional imagery, tableware, jewelry, and three-dimensional sculptures. 

Coldworking (2-hour Session)

$150/one person ($60 each additional hour)
$230/two people ($100 each additional hour)

Private lessons in the cold shop focus on techniques to add surface texture, make clean cuts, grind away rough edges or excess material, and otherwise add finishing touches to glass made in other studios. Individualized instruction is offered on all equipment and techniques.  


Coldworking private lesson
Glassblowing private lesson
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