Youth Programs

SIO2 YOUTH PROGRAMS AT pittsburgh glass center

SiO2 is the chemical formula for glass and the name of our glass art program designed for young people.  SiO2 shatters the conventional notion that glass art is only for adults. The program’s hands-on courses are structured specifically for young people and are taught in one of the United States’ premier glass facilities. All four of our state-of-the-art studios are open for young adults to explore their creative potential and embark on an education in glass. 

SiO2 students not only create glass art and learn the scientific principles of glass, they experience valuable life lessons through studio practice. Successful studio glass pieces often cannot be produced by one person alone, so while learning and creating, students are shown the fundamental significance of teamwork, discipline, communication, and mutual respect. Such experiences, in turn, help students understand the nature of leadership and ultimately foster a sense of achievement.


To date, we have taught art glass techniques and effective studio practices to well over 700 middle- and high school students from all over the Greater Pittsburgh region, representing many of the city’s diverse neighborhoods. 

Many PGC students have received special awards and recognition from their schools in praise of their commitment, creativity, and dedication. Moreover, more than a few have gone on to receive art scholarships from postsecondary institutions, such as Alfred University, Bowling Green, Carnegie Mellon University, Cleveland Institute of Art, Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, Harvard University, Kent State University, Rhode Island School of Design, and Tyler School of Art. 


We offer scholarships to all students. No previous glass or art experience is required. Our only requirements are enthusiasm, curiosity, and an eagerness to learn. 

APPLY NOW for fall 2021 workshops and classes. APPLICATION DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 5

teen WORKSHOP weekend

Our introductory workshops are a great way to try glass and make something unique. Join us for a weekend of workshops just for teens - paperweights, magnets, and pet portraits! TEENS ONLY!


FULL DAY "MOLTN" classes

A 1-day workshop for young people to try three different glass making techniques. Spend a Saturday at PGC working with all things hot! At high temperatures, glass can be manipulated in many ways. You’ll learn three different glassmaking techniques: glassblowing at a 2,200 degree furnace, flameworking at the torch, and fusing in the kiln. Grades 6–12. No experience necessary!


middle school after school program

Mixed and Mashed Up is a hands-on, after-school program specifically for students in grades 6–8. Classes meet after school once a week for 12 weeks. Spend four weeks in three different studios learning glassblowing, flameworking, and kilnforming.


sio2 high school programs

Students in grades 9–12 work primarily in three of our state-of-the-art studios learning glassblowing, flameworking, and kilnforming. Advanced glassblowing and flameworking courses are also available for students who have completed beginner instruction. Beginner classes meet after school once a week for 10 weeks. Advanced Classes meet after school for 12 weeks. Apply for a scholarship here.


Virtual Resources

Virtual Resources

There are many exciting glass activities that you can explore from home from virtual gallery tours to hands-on activities.