The United


The United exhibition at Pittsburgh Glass Center

NOVEMBER 11 2PM ET: Virtual live panel discussion with The United artists and curator Johanna Lasner in collaboration with Interesct Chicago

“The United” examines the incredibly complicated topic of immigration in a time when immigration systems are in crisis — affecting many of us closely, as members of diverse communities, as descendants of immigrants, or as immigrants ourselves. The exhibition with artwork from 12 artists from Belgium, Northern Ireland, Russia and the US explores the possibilities for proactive engagement with immigration issues, reconfiguring the status and function of art from passivity to active agency.

Artists include:

  • Najah Alboushi (Oakland, CA)
  • Sandra Bacchi (Pittsburgh, PA) 
  • Ibraheem Basree (Columbus, OH) 
  • May Maylisa Cat (Portland, OR) 
  • Tali Grinshpan (Walnut Creek, CA) 
  • Alan Iwamura (Toledo, OH) 
  • Priscilla Kar Yee Lo (Bloomington, IL) 
  • Alexander Lozano (Dallas, TX) 
  • Alison Lowry (Northern Ireland) 
  • John Moran (US living in Temse, Belgium) 
  • Kristine Rumman & Lauren Fueyo (Philadelphia, PA) 
  • Vera Sadakova (St.Petersburg, Russia) 

Curated by Johanna Lasner

Artists were selected by a jury which included Karla Lamb and Jaime Guerrero. 


Learn More About Immigration Issues from Our Partners JEWISH FAMILY AND COMMUNITY SERVICES and CITY OF ASYLUM



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