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We'll Blow Your Mind!

It doesn’t all l have to happen in our building. Pittsburgh Glass Center can actually bring hot glass demonstrations and hands-on activities to you!

  • GLASSBLOWING DEMONSTRATIONS—We’ll bring Hot Wheels, our new mobile glassblowing studio, to your site so you can have a front-row seat to live glassblowing demonstrations.
  • FLAMEWORKING DEMONSTRATIONS—PGC’s glass artists show your visitors or guests how beads, marbles, and small glass sculptures can be made using a tabletop torch.
  • FUSING WORKSHOPS—Instructors bring tools and a variety of colorful glass sheets to conduct fusing workshops for any group at your location.
  • RESIDENCY—Glass artists spend an extended period of time on site with your group to offer a more in-depth, hands-on experience.

Email Us or call us at 412-365-2145 to bring PGC to you.

Hot Wheels mobile glassblowing studio from Pittsburgh Glass Center

Hot Wheels

Glass is an amorphous material, and it’s always on the move—just like our new mobile glass studio, Hot Wheels PGC’s new outreach vehicle allows for hands-on, furnace-fired fun and glassblowing demonstrations to travel far beyond the walls of our Penn Avenue building. 

This compact traveling glass studio is complete with all the state-of-the-art equipment needed to conduct glassblowing demonstrations, and it allows our glass artists to pop up all over town so they can manipulate molten magma into fiery works of art almost anywhere.

See Photos of Recent Hot Wheels Events

Hot Wheels is made possible by a grant from the Emma Clyde Hodge Memorial Fund in memory of L. Van V. Dauler, Jr.

Looking for a front row seat to hot glass demonstrations at your next event? Please complete this FORM or Email Courtney at 412-365-2145 x214 to schedule Hot Wheels.

Where is Hot Wheels?   

2020 Hot Wheels appearances TBA!