2003 Exhibitions

Looking Back Reaching Forward

Fritz Dreisbach & Henry Halem: Looking Back & Reaching Forward   

October 13 - December 13, 2003

Backward or forward, the artwork exhibited in this exhibition transcended time and continues to influence glass artists from coast to coast. “Looking Back & Reaching Forward” featured work by Fritz Dreisbach and Henry Halem, seminal artists in the American Studio. Both Halem and Dreisbach were part of the first generation of artists who came to use glass as an art medium. Both have made strides in developing and sharing glass technology in addition to their artistic contributions, and have influenced generations of glass artists through their teaching, lecturing and writing. 



Jill Reynolds: Matter

May 2 - June 28, 2003

This exhibition by Jill Reynolds of flameworked glass and other materials “uses the images and materials of science in general, and chemistry in particular, to create layers of visual and poetic metaphor that explore the fundamental interconnectedness between us and everything else in the world.” It included a combination of pieces selected from her current body of work and new work produced during her Artist as Catalyst residency at PGC. 


Instructor Exhibition

Summer Instructor Preview

March 7 - April 19, 2003

This was an exhibition of work by artists traveling to teach spring and summer intensives at PGC that included:

  • Drew Hine
  • Frantisek Janak
  • Clair Kelly
  • Michael Mangiafico
  • Elizabeth Ryland Mears
  • John Miller
  • Jeffrey Phelps
  • Duff O’Brien
  • Jill Reynolds
  • Davide Salvadore
  • Anthony Schafermeyer 
  • Daniel Spitzer
  • Karen Willenbrink

Glass Birthday Suit

Glass Birthday Suit

January 17 - February 15, 2003

The exhibition showcased both instructor and student work, and was meant to be a process show with work from those who had taken classes with us since we first opened our doors in December 2001.  Participants included:

  • Chris Barley
  • Chris Beech 
  • Dave Born
  • Ashley Brickman
  • Arial Brice
  • Susan Callahan 
  • Chris Clarke
  • Theresa Cress
  • Justin Donaldson 
  • Diana Dugina
  • Darlene Durrwacchter Rushing
  • Alex Gerber
  • Ashley Harwood 
  • Dany Hassinger 
  • Drew Hine
  • Daniel Johnese
  • Leslie Kaplan
  • Heather Leifeste
  • Michael Mangiafico
  • Kate Masleid
  • Heather McElwee
  • Courtney Milam
  • Duff O’Brien
  • Lindsay O’Leary
  • Matteo Orsini
  • Donald Ortlieb 
  • Jeffery Phelps
  • Alli Pultz
  • Fred Rock
  • Matt Shewchuk
  • Jake Stout
  • Mary Tabasko
  • Emily Treat
  • Ted Williams 
  • Cass Zielinski