2014 Exhibitions



November 7, 2014 - January 18, 2015

This was the first exhibition in the Hodge Gallery dedicated solely to kiln-glass. “Emerge/Evolve” featured selected works from "Emerge 2014," Bullseye Glass Company’s eighth biennial kiln-glass exhibition for emerging artists, and work by three past Emerge finalists. Exhibiting artists include: 

  • Rei Chikaoka (Japan) Emerge 2014 Kilncasting Award 
  • Kate Clements  (United States) Emerge 2014 Academic Award  
  • Marion Delarue (France) Emerge 2014 Jewelry Award  
  • Abram Deslauriers (United States) Emerge 2014 Honorable Mention 
  • Opie Hileman (United States) Emerge 2014 Honorable Mention 
  • Manuela Castro Martins (Portugal) Emerge 2014 Design Award 
  • Anna Mlasowsky (Germany) Emerge 2014 Silver Award  
  • Martie Negri (United States) Evolving Artist Past Emerge Award Winner 
  • Nathan Sandberg (United States) Evolving Artist Past Emerge Award Winner 
  • Amanda Simmons (England) Evolving Artist Past Emerge Award Winner 
  • Cheryl Wilson Smith (Canada) Emerge 2014 Honorable Mention 
  • James B. Thompson (United States) Emerge 2014 Newcomer Award  
  • Kathryn Wightman (New Zealand) Emerge 2014 Gold Award 
  • Gina Zetts (United States) Emerge 2014 Bronze Award 



pittsburgh biennial at pgc 

August 1 - October 26, 2014

Seven artists stepped out of their comfort zone and into the glass studio for the 2014 Pittsburgh Biennial at Pittsburgh Glass Center. This first-time experimental exhibition showcased new art created by seven well-known Pittsburgh artists with no glass experience working in collaboration with five local glass artists. Participating artists included:

  • Robert Beckman
  • Jeremy Boyle
  • Melissa Fitzgerald
  • Jason Forck
  • Toby Fraley
  • Vanessa German
  • Ashley McFarland
  • Juliet Pusateri
  • Travis Rohrbaugh
  • Will Schlough
  • Kara Skylling
  • Margaret Spacapan

This slice of the 2014 Pittsburgh Biennial was part of the largest survey of regional contemporary art. Seven organizations partnered in this unique event that amplified the most compelling artists and the distinct venues that make up our diverse art scene. 

The Biennial at PGC was an expanded version of PGC’s Idea Furnace, an experimental design program and residency to connect non-glass artists with glass artists and encourage exploration in other art forms. The Biennial was also on view Nov. 6 - 9 at SOFA Chicago, the world's premier art fair dedicated to sculpture, objects, functional art and design. 


Moving 4ward

Breaking Through: Moving 4ward

May 2 - July 20, 2014

Four emerging artists broke down boundaries and ascended the glass ladder in this exhibition. Lisa Demagall, Laura Beth Konopinski, Anna Mlasowsky and Nadine Saylor each spent one month in residence at Pittsburgh Glass Center experimenting with new ideas and techniques and creating new work for the exhibition. 

Although each has a distinct style and technique, the one thing that binds them is clarity in their work and a richness of content. The work told stories and encouraged the viewer to contemplate issues and ideas by using mainly clear glass that has been sculpted with a variety of techniques. Each artist exhibited preexisting work and new work made at PGC.


Halfway to Somewhere

Halfway to somewhere

February 7 - April 20, 2014

This exhibition highlighted the journey of two resident artists. Granite Calimpong of Seattle and Brent Rogers of Chicago came together at PGC as resident artists in 2013 to experiment, try new ideas and make art in a nonlinear way using different materials and new approaches and processes.