2018 Exhibitions

All of the Suddens

KELLY O'DELL: All of the Suddens   

October 5, 2018 - January 22, 2019

This exhibition by Seattle glass artist Kelly O’Dell explored existence and extinction, preservation and decay. Inspired by the changing of the seasons in the Pacific Northwest after growing up in the perpetual summer of the Hawaiian Islands, O’Dell’s work highlighted the devastating impact of the human race on species in the wild and embodied the Latin phrase “memento mori,” meaning “remember death.”  
The focal point of the exhibit was entitled “Critical Masse.” Comprised of over 10 endangered species mounted on the wall in clusters, “Ghost Animals” mimiced hunting trophies displayed in a game room and highlighted the 100 to 1,000 species that are lost per million per year, primarily due to human-caused habitat destruction and climate change.  


Making the Ordinary Extra Ordinary

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary 

June 1 - July 31, 2018

Fifteen Pittsburgh glass artists transformed an ordinary material into extraordinary art in this exhibition.   
The work was diverse and showed the great depth and breadth of what is possible in glass art. The unifying themes for this exhibition were the material of glass and the location of the artists. All 15 artists call Pittsburgh home, but most of them are originally from locations around the country. What brought them to Pittsburgh was the vision of Kathleen Mulcahy and her late husband Ron Desmett, the founding artists of Pittsburgh Glass Center. "Making the Ordinary Extraordinary" refers to Desmett and Mulcahy’s belief that an arts organization can transform a community and to the awe-inspiring and eye-opening experience that viewers had when they saw this display of ordinary material through the extraordinary perspective of 15 artists. 
Artists included:

  • Chris Clarke
  • Sarah Cohen  
  • Ron Desmett
  • Jason Forck
  • Liz Fortunato
  • Dana Laskowski
  • Mike Mangiafico
  • Ashley McFarland
  • Kathleen Mulcahy
  • Lyla Nelson
  • Ed Pinto
  • Travis Rohrbaugh
  • John Sharvin
  • Becky Smith
  • Margaret  Spacapan  



Sharif Bey: DialogUEs in Clay and Glass

March 2 - May 6, 2018

Clay and glass have different rhythms. Sharif Bey learned to move to the beat of both. His solo exhibition of ceramic sculptures for the first time included glass. Bey’s work explored alternative ways of paying respect to tradition, function, adornment, and ceremony. His work cross-referenced notions of power, ornamentation, and natural history with objects and images associated with traditional African jewelry. Even though Bey had no glass experience, he was invited to participate in the Idea Furnace residency program at PGC. The Idea Furnace program provides support to artists working outside the medium of glass, gives them an opportunity to explore a new material and create a body of work with the help of a glass artist.